Quickly turns a circular saw into a compound slide saw.
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I'm a  builder/contractor in northern California. I started my career in construction in 1965 when I was five years old. My architect/builder father put his hammer down and I picked it up and started helping him build our own new house.  My wife Denise has also been in the construction business her entire life.  While working on the 4th floor of a San Francisco manor, I realized I had forgotten my Speed Square. It was four flights down and two blocks away in the back of my truck.  As I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge heading home that night I had a tool epiphany that would change the way a circular saw would be used from then on.

Since 1923, when the first hand-held circular saw was invented, little improvement has been made to this timeless workhorse. With ALL carpenters and DIY'ers, the circular saw becomes an extension of your arm.  When working with that saw we repeat the same task over and over all day long.  Measure the board, pull out the square and draw a line, then start sawing,  painstakingly trying to follow the line you just marked.

NOT ANY MORE !!!!  With CrossCut, now just measure and cut.  Whether it's straight, angle, compound or even over your head, just pull the trigger and push.  Perfect cut every time !!!! Just think how that changes the dynamic of a carpenter's work day.  If a carpenter shows up on a job site without CrossCut in their tool box or on their saw, the boss will be asking  "WHERE IS IT ???"

Please click on this site below and watch the 2 minute video of CrossCut in action. Click on the "arrows" icon next to the HD icon for full screen viewing. You can also download a brochure and see photos using the tabs along the top of this page .

Now that we have secured our US Patent, we are seeking a leading industry manufacturer to partner with us in producing the next milestone in tool history, i.e. the nail gun, Ames's drywall bazooka, RotoZip and the cordless drill.

We look forward to speaking with you. 

Chris and Denise Nilsen